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Kouri and Karasu's Ficlog

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Fic log for Kouri and Karasu! We'll announce updates and post chapters and other stuff here.

This journal is friends only!

There's a fairly good reason for that, which is that we post a lot of chapters of our original work here, and should we ever send this stuff off to a publishing company, having it posted on the 'net in a public forum can count as pre-publishing, and can hurt our chances (or at least diminish our theoretical payoff).

Don't be shy, though! We'll friend anyone who asks; all you have to do is get a Livejournal and leave a comment on the latest public entry asking to be friended. Please leave it on the latest entry *regardless* of content - I know we post some pretty odd stuff like pairing generators, quizzies, fanart contests, odd speculation, et cetera, along with the public ficlets. But if you leave it on an old entry, I might not see it, and then we'll all be sad. ;_; Be aware, however, that I DO NOT REPLY to requests to be friended. I see it, I click your user info, I friend you, I move on with my life. What am I supposed to say, anyway, "Yup, you're friended, banzai?" Typing that over and over would get a little redundant. I'm usually pretty quick about friending people, so if you've requested to be friended and a day or two later you still can't see the chapters, make sure you are *logged in*, and then try refreshing. If that doesn't work, leave another comment, I may have just missed you. ^_^

Feel free to leave comments on the entries. We love to hear from our fans and constructive criticism is always welcome, as it helps us develop our writing skills. (Keep in mind, however, that the key word there is "constructive". Flamers can and will be defriended at the drop of a hat.) You can feel free to e-mail us, but keep in mind that we rarely check our e-mail and are absolutely horrible about replying to it; leaving a comment on the board is a much better way to keep in touch with us.

All chapter entries are put in the memories after being posted, so if you've just been friended and you're saying "Ack, they're on chapter 25 of such-and-such-fic?! How will I ever catch up?!" all you have to do is go to the Memories. They're sorted by story and you can just read through any of our things there. This applies *only* to fics that the entirety of it has been posted on this journal. Older stories that were only posted here in their later chapters are *not* memoried, because it sort of defeats the purpose to memory the second half of a story... but all those stories are posted on our website.

Well, I think I've rambled long enough. Questions? Comments? Need desperately to be friended? Just drop a comment, and enjoy the reading! ^_^